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Camping FAQ

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:00 pm
by Will
  • Does this cost an arm and a leg?
    • The average cost for the entire weekend for Food & Site is about $50 per person (over the age of 8ish). That doesn't include: Friday Lunch & Sunday brunch, off-site activities, and BYOB.
  • I'm coming! When do you need to know? What do you need to know?
    • I need to know by a week before - to pre-register and begin all the shopping. I need names and, if possible, car information (make/model/licence plate) to make check-in go smoothly.
  • Who's Cooking?
    • You? Please?
      Who ever wants to! Want to cook a meal? You don't have to pay for the group meals portion of the price!
      Often being the meal chef mainly involves planning and prepping - then you hand over cooking duty to each person to make their own once prepped. Much of this can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen. Kebabs are usually set up as marinated meats and veggies and sticks and people mix/match/grill to their liking.
  • Can I drink a pile of alcoholic beverages?
    • Officially, beer & booze are not allowed in the state campground. Unofficially, in the evenings while sitting around the campfire, adults consume adult beverages. BYOB.
  • Can I drink a pile of something else?
    • I try to have a good stock of Coke/Coke Zero, Juices (Apple & something else random usually), Waters, lots of water, some sparkling water drinks, and Frappichinos. On Sunday the extras are split up so you can take a few home.
  • Is my Dog/Cat/Bear/Parrot allowed?
    • Dogs are allowed provided they are up to date on vaccinations. We've never been asked to show papers, but you never know when the gestapo may show up.
  • Is my offspring/random toddler that I own allowed?
    • Yes! Provided they are up to date on vaccinations... I mean, provided you have entertainment for them in a boring, primarily adult filled area in the middle of nowhere.
  • BEARS!?
    • Yes! This is black bear country. Black bears are very shy and try to avoid human contact as best as possible, but they still like to eat human food, that means that all food stuffs and sweet-smelling toothpastes/perfumes/body lotions need to not be left in the open overnight.
  • Do I need a tent?
    • Yes. Bring your own tent or prepare ahead of time to share with someone. Though we have had people sleep in their vehicles in the past.
  • What is that high pitched whirring noise?
    • An air mattress pump. The ground is well trodden dirt and rocks, so something other then the bottom canvas layer of a tent is preferred by most.
  • Can I invite So-and-So, my childhood lover/arch-nemesis/beauty school roommate?
    • If I've played a board game with them, they are invited --Email to them and relay my sincerest apologies for not including them on the original list. If you've been on the camping trip before and played a board game with them yourself, you can bring them with you. Husbands/Wives/Children do not need to pass the played a board game with me threshold
  • Is there a real bathroom?
    • YES! As of 2014 there is a new bathroom complex available with showers.
  • Can I bring a bike?
    • Bikes have been know to go on the camping trip in the past.
  • Can I discuss this with other people planning to go?
    • Why certainly. Discuss in the camping thread here or on the facebook event or on the Google event.
  • More Questions?
    • Ask here or email me!